Professional Peeling Mask
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Professional Peeling Mask

Applying to clean, dry skin, massage on a thin layer of mask. Allow 10-20 minutes to pass before gently buffing off with fingertips. After this process, rinse off with lukewarm water and pat skin dry. Following this process, smooth on a small amount of facial gel which can be found in the cap. The peeling mask shall not be used more than three times a week. 

Enjoy this high-performance SPA treatment mask designed for mature skin. This rejuvenating mask contains nineteen harmonized ingredients that promotes the regeneration and activation of the skin. Specifically formulated for women over thirty years of age, after the initial application, your skin will already be visibly  fresher, supple and flexible. Working to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, the peeling mask aims to accelerate the assimilation of nutrients by the cells, which delivers increased blood and lymph circulation.

2.04 oz AU $199.99

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