Instant Stretching & Revitalizing (Lifting) Mask
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Instant Stretching & Revitalizing (Lifting) Mask

After cleansing face thoroughly, apply a generous layer of the mask onto face and neck. Allow 5-10 minutes to pass before rinsing off with warm water. If desires, after application of cream, make-up can be added.

Stimulate skin by reviving the metabolism of the tissue in a miracle mask that is well known as the Cinderella Mask due to its transformative effect that reduces the evidence of wrinkles. This new professional mask utilizes essential oils and active ingredients that are blended in union in a formula that brings instant reviving properties within a mere 5-10 minutes. This process features a "lifting" effect which promotes fresh, younger looking and radiant skin. 

2.04 oz AU $350.00

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