BIOX Thermal Beauty Experience Mask
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BIOX Thermal Beauty Experience Mask

Begin treatment by gently massaging the red oily mineral bar in damp skin. After this, wash your face but allow it to remain wet so that the mineral bar can absorb the oxygen from the water on your skin. Use the provided spatula and slightly mix the mask. Apply a generous layer of the mask onto clean wet skin. Immediately, you will begin to feel the warming sensation of the formula. Allow to sit on skin for 2-3 minutes then rinse with warm water.

This exclusive thermal facial mask treatment involves an invigorating warming sensation that delivers an unparalleled experience and immediate results. Watch as fine lines fade away and wrinkles vanish within a few applications. This unique complex integrates Dead Sea Mineral Complex and Vitamins A, E & C which combine harmoniously to open pores while at the same time, absorbing dirt, oil, and toxins. The heating action is a special feature which this Premier Thermal Beauty Experience Mask utilizes to purify and bring a deep cleansing experience to the skin. It aims to bring an end to free radicals that cause aging in the skin. By improving blood circulation within the cells and targeting wrinkles this mask assists in rejuvenating skin cells for a healthy and renewed appearance. This treatment allows the special active ingredients to penetrate the heart of the skin cells to promote a long lasting youthful complexion for absolutely stunning results.

This beauty mask consists of two parts:

   1) Thermal Beauty Mask in a glass jar.

   2) A red magnesium-based stimulating mineral bar (in jar cap compartment). 

3.4 oz AU $399.99

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