BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Set
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BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Set

Recommended Beauty Regimen:

Apply the BIOX Intensive Anti-Aging Serum twice daily and top it  with the BIOX Intensive Anti-Aging Complex for best results.

Apply the BIOX Thermal Beauty Mask once or twice a week as desired.

Experience the revolutionary Anti-Aging BIOX Line by Dead Sea Premier. The Ultimate alternative to plastic surgery!

Our BIOX Line has been awarded as one of the most important innovations in skin care treatment. Developed by top dermatologists and skin care experts, the BIOX Line is THE ultimate skin care experience.

The BIOX Line provides a non-invasive, superior alternative to surgical and invasive skincare procedures such as injections, chemical peels, and facial plastic surgeries.

The BIOX Line is the perfect, non-invasive, and affordable anti-aging treatment that combines the unique therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea with cutting edge skincare research. The results are remarkable, stunning, and immediate. Wrinkles will diminish and fine lines will disappear. Within days you will retain your youth and beauty!

The BIOX Set is comprised of three products:

  • BIOX Thermal Beauty Mask
  • BIOX Intensive Anti-Aging Serum
  • BIOX Intensive Anti-Aging Complex

Best results are achieved when using the complete set.

0 oz AU $1,499.99

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