Repairing & Regenerating Mask - for Problematic Skin
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Repairing & Regenerating Mask - for Problematic Skin

After thoroughly cleansing your skin, massage a generous amount of product onto skin every night. Allow 15-30 minutes to pass before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Pamper you skin with this luxury professional mask. The skin is a delicate organ whose balance can easily be disturbed by a number of factors, both external and internal. The formulated behind this product targets the irritations and blemishes wrought over time and rejuvenates skin tone, bringing corrective balance from within, while at the same time, stimulating the metabolism of your skin. This action promotes an ideal balance of essential hydration and optimal energy. This exclusive blend featuring sulfur, nourishes skin  in addition to trace elements and a special enzyme which works together to combat imperfections and pigmentation issues. This formula includes our signature Dead Sea minerals and liposome complex derived from Dunaliella Seaweed, which is native to the Dead Sea and rich with natural Beta Carotene, Vitamin E as well as Vitamin A. These three factors work together and target the heart of the skin cells to stimulate active internal mechanisms, which brings balance to problem areas while enhancing the skin's normal function as it restores and promotes the beautiful appearance of your skin.

5.01 oz AU $299.99

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