Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment
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Premium Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment

This product is meant to be utilized as an intensive treatment with one mask per day for 12 days, or as part of your skincare regimen with a mask twice a week for 6 weeks. After thoroughly cleansing face, empty one-third of the bottle (up until 1 or 2 accordingly) of the lifting serum into the empty round space within the plastic box. After opening a single Advanced Lifting Concentrated Cloth Mask, place it in the round space, and allow it to absorb the Lifting Serum. Gently unfold the Cloth Mask and apple it to the lower half of the face from the chin to just below the eyes, then unfold it over the top half of the face. With the is of your fingers, apply with gentle pressure to the mask until it is firmly affixed to your face. Allow to sit for three minutes, then remove the Cloth Mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin. Follow this with an application of the Lifting Cream Gel which should be applied daily as well. If desired, make-up or sunscreen can be applied.

With inspiration from the newest lifting techniques, the Dead Sea Premier laboratories have created an innovative and non-surgical face lift featuring OSILIFT technology, which are essential sugars for the skin. This formula boasts immediate lifting, re-bonding and repositioning of skin through its unique 12-treatment, 3-stage approach. Promoting smoother, firmer, and more youthful looking skin, this transformative treatment will lend skin a beautiful luminous glow.


       Twelve Advanced Lifting Concentrated Cloth Masks.

        Four Bottles Lifting Three-Dose Serum 50ml Each.

        One Lifting Cream Gel 60ml. 

0 oz AU $999.99

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