Why does the Dead Sea have such a unique healing ability, more than other seas or oceans?

Comparatively, the Dead Sea contains 32% salt water density whereas ordinary sea waters contain only 3% density. This relatively high density in part of the dead Sea means a high concentration of such minerals as magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromide. Renowned for its skin nourishing properties as well as ease of rheumatic discomfort, the energizing of the circulatory system and relaxing of nerves, exposure to the Dead Sea is endorsed by European Health Funds for these numerous benefits. Sending their members to be treated by this unique natural wonder, visitors have enjoyed relief of chronic skin and rheumatic conditions. The free floating experience permits a certain freedom to relax and promotes easier movements that enhance the effects of physiotherapy.

Did Cleopatra really bathe in the Dead Sea?

Cleopatra not only bathed regularly at the Dead Sea, it is claimed that she also desired exclusive rights to the Dead Sea region in and spared no expenses in her pursuit. The legend goes that Cleopatra's desire for eternal beauty meant that, due to the Roman's command of the Dead Sea Region, her relationship with Marc Antony was merely a means to achieve her immortal allure. In borrowing a line from a notable shaving tycoon, Cleopatra so liked the Dead Sea that she bought the company! Or at least, the ancient tantamount. At Cleopatra's direction,  pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories were erected throughout the region to conquer the unique beauty properties and therapeutic minerals and mud of the dead Sea. What is left of these buildings can be seen today at Ein Gedi and Ein Bokek.

What is the advantage of separating the active ingredient mineral bars from the cream in the Precise range of Premier products?

The answer to this is a simple one, and that is protection against oxidation. Oxidation occurs when active ingredients in skincare products meet air. When this contact happens, those active ingredients are attacked by the oxygen, reducing their performance. Likewise, water in creams contain oxygen which can have the same effect on the cream, thus further depleting its efficiency. That is never the case with a Premier product. Premier has cultivated and patented a method of separating active ingredients from the cream to preserve the formula and safeguard it against the exposure. This secret purification process "freezes" the active ingredients at room temperature, similar to how water is a liquid at room temperature but becomes a solid when reduced in temperature. It is this process that ensures every one of Premier's fine products maintain their effectiveness for longer.

Why/How would I use a serum as well as a moisturizer?

Premier serums are a decidedly active and concentrated composition of skincare treatment. When used with moisturizing creams, these serums improve the effects by absorbing straight into skin cells and, moreover, they prepare the skin to accept the moisturizing cream. The serum behaves as a Director, if you will, culling from the moisturizer the optimal outcome for your skin. Whenever use of both products is done, first apply the serum and then the moisturizer.

What is the difference between the active Moisture Complex and the Protecting Day Cream Complex?

The Active Moisture Cream Complex refreshes skin cells and stimulates the cellular metabolism providing  your skin essential nutrients, moisturizing from the inside and acting against wrinkles. The Protecting Day Cream Complex is Premier's best and deepest moisturizing treatment which aims to protect skin from the harsh effects of the elements and improving the skin's ability to resist exposure effects of sun, cold, wind and abrupt changes in temperature. Both of these innovative products contain the sun filters UVA & UVB for a SPF17 protection level. They are available for Normal-Dry and Normal-Oily skin types. Once skin is thoroughly cleansed, begin by applying the serum in gentle circular movements until absorbed by skin, then proceed to apply the cream. The serum will aid the cream in its absorption into the skin.

Can I put on Make-up after moisturizer?

The short answer is, yes. Begin by cleansing the skin, then tone, moisturize and apply make-up as usual. You should always apply a Premier Dead Sea moisturizer prior to the application of make-up as the moisturizer will act as a perfect base and barrier, that prevents make-up from blocking and clogging pores. 

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