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Apply a few times daily on clean skin. Gently massage a thin layer onto face, body, scalp or wherever redness or red coarse skin occurs with tips of fingers. Do not rinse. 

Psoricalm is an exclusive and innovative product that fights such irritants as Psoriasis, redness, and red coarse skin. Formulated with Dead Sea minerals and vitamins in conjunction with aromatic pure essential oils derived from unique plants native to the wilderness, this unique product offers amazing results. Analysts believe the cause of psoriasis is due in part to faulty signals within the immune system which cause skin cells to grow too rapidly, thus creating dry, red, and scaly patches referred to as lesions. Psoricalm works to slow down or normalize that excessive cell reproduction and reduce inflammation (redness) associated with psoriasis. This first line defense is combined in an extraordinary  active composition with proven dermatological ingredients known to science which may assist the elimination of psoriasis. In combination with selected Dead Sea minerals, this product forms in long fatty chains for a long term effect. This safe and effective treatment in fighting psoriasis, utilizes a special active salicylic acid combination also known as "sal acid," which aids in the removal of scales in combined with sodium shale oil (sulfonate). 

3.34 oz AU $249.99

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