Moisture Cream Complex
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Moisture Cream Complex

For optimal results, apply morning and during the daytime. After cleansing skin, massage mineral bar on damp face, then rinse and pat dry. Next, gently massage cream in a circular motion into skin. If desired, make-up can be applied.

This moisture-rich, anti-aging cream complex works on normal to oily skin to bring balance as it reconditions the skin and reduces the look of wrinkles. Simultaneously hydrating skin and controlling excess oil secretion, this fine beauty product improves skin texture and facial contours. After applied to clean and washed skin, the blue mineral bar stimulates the skin as it releases a boost of vitamins that awaken skin cells with much needed oxygen which enables the skin to reach and maintain a perfect balance. The therapeutic formula counteracts the external evidences of skin aging to restore and reveal a luminous complexion.

2.04 oz AU $249.99

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