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Our Philosophy

In uniting the ancient wisdom of nature with advanced scientific technology is conceived Dead Sea Premier's philosophy. It is with these amazing and harmonious wonders that Premier delivers vast benefits to both your life and skin. Premier draws the natural plants and minerals from the Dead Sea and focuses their patented, innovative technology on formulating the luxury line of skincare products that delivers benefits that far exceeds their promise of renewal and rejuvenation of beautiful skin. 

Each of Premier’s award-winning products are scientifically developed in a leading Premier lab by dedicated dermatologists and chemistry professors, each learned in skin aging and devoted to the advancement of skin renewal. This team has been widely recognized for their groundbreaking work and influence in their field. These advancements are founded in a secret purification process that obtains the vital elements for renewing and rebuilding skin cells and blends them with liposome complex that deploys the active ingredients direct to skin cells.

By means of an advanced purification process and the coupling of top natural ingredients, Premier products administer proven results that work immediately. Chose from a wide range of products that offer endless benefits for your skin such as balancing, cleansing, moisturizing, toning, detoxifying, or nourishing the skin. No matter the needs of your skin, Premier is ready with the health and beauty product that will help you achieve the look you've always wanted. In cooperation with its vast selection of skincare items, Premier also promotes health and wellbeing with their vitality products as well as specifically designed products that go to work fighting undesired and unsightly symptoms such as psoriasis or stretch marks. With their advanced purification processes, Premier captures the purest essence of the Dead Sea and all the unique benefits derived from this natural spa. At Premier, a true dedication and pride is integrated in every product making up the finest, most encompassing and exclusive skincare line available.

More Than You Ever Imagined

Enjoy an exclusive, patented and award recognized technology that boasts all natural plant and mineral components recovered from the Dead Sea. The benefits of Premier's luxury skincare line are endless, and the promise behind each product far exceeds the expectation for a truly unforgettable health and beauty experience.


Our Laboratories      

The top researchers and scientists of Premier are never truly finished. Always on the search for a new way to improve skin's health and beauty, their innovative thinking has ensured quality and a piece of mind in each customer that is unrivaled in comparison to competitors. This newest generation of Dead Sea products is backed with awards that validate the profound effect of this wholly unique and exclusive cosmetic concept. These groundbreaking discoveries are the newest in the field. This dedication and desire to self evolve and excel by dermatologist and chemistry professors in their study of skin's biological nature is why this line is so worldly renowned and beloved. Founded on a secret, wholly contemporary purification process that derives the vital components for rebuilding and renewal of skin cells is combined with the amazingly ingenious liposome complex for a luxury product that targets the heart of skin issues to renew and restore.


Nature’s Own Unique Wisdom

At Premier, the sole focus of research is targeted on the unique and timeless wisdom of nature. In mimicking the retention of moisture in desert plants and introducing it to the most modern technology, the results are an ideal composition of scientific and nature harmoniously balanced. With intent to stimulate the epidermal cells and restructure the skin's essential balance, Premier products work to repair, nourish and strengthen the skin in accordance with the individual needs of your skin type. Featuring twenty-one minerals, each recognized for their nourishing properties, the therapeutic characteristics of the Dead Sea found in these minerals activate the circulatory system for the ease of rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders. Of these twenty-one, twelve are exclusive to the Dead Sea.

Our Formulas

The objective of our formula is to enhance the natural ability of the skin to renew itself by stimulating the epidermal cells and reconstructing the skin’s balance. When applied to the skin, the cream is instantly absorbed for a smooth look and feel that leaves behind no oily residue. The fast-acting absorption helps to maintain skin's natural breathing so as not to disrupt its biological function. This effective method provides skin an integral source of oxygen, nutrients and energy. That is Premier's proven formula at work. The wisdom behind this innovative concept and newest technology nourishes skin as it indulges with the benefit of nature and science.


The secret Of The Mineral Bar

Oxidation occurs when active ingredients in skincare products meet air. When this contact happens, those active ingredients are attacked by the oxygen, reducing their performance. Likewise, water in creams contain oxygen which can have the same effect on the cream, thus further depleting its efficiency. That is never the case with a Premier product. Premier has cultivated and patented a method of separating active ingredients from the cream to preserve the formula and safeguard it against the exposure. This secret purification process "freezes" the active ingredients at room temperature, similar to how water is a liquid at room temperature but becomes a solid when reduced in temperature. It is this process that ensures every one of Premier's fine products maintain their effectiveness for longer.


The highly guarded purification process of these innovative products extract the vital ingredients for repairing and renewing skin cells and blend them with liposome complex. Combined, they make up the active ingredients for direct delivery to skin cells. Premier's signature blend of knowledge, science and innovative technology forms the basis for their exclusive components that make up this most advanced formula. Comprised of expertise derived from top medical and cosmetics institutes, our mineral bars deliver multiple benefits:


1. Deep cleansing of the skin

2. Preparation of the skin to accept absorption of the serum or cream

3.Distribution of active ingredients to the skin

4. Gentle exfoliation for the sloughing of dead skin


Award Winning  

Our innovative, patented products are the recipients of numerous awards from around the world for their effectiveness and ingenuity. Upon application, Premier creams are immediately absorbed by the skin delivering an essential source of oxygen, nutrition and oxygen. In this process, there is no interruption to the normal biological function of the skin. The highly guarded purification process of these innovative products extract the vital ingredients for repairing and renewing skin cells and blend them with liposome complex. Combined, they make up the active ingredients for direct delivery to skin cells. The scope of Premier products have been scientifically developed by aerospace dermatologists and chemistry professors specializing in the skin’s biological essence in partnership with a European Research Institute.



Original Dead Sea Products 

Dead Sea Premier has been a recipient of the “Israeli Original Dead Sea product Good quality mark” award by the manufacturers association of Israel and by the Israeli cosmetics industries association. All of Premier's luxury products are made in Israel.

The Premier research team continues their research, extending their ingenuity to explore all the options found in nature. It is this expert combination of scientific advancement and natural resources that enables Premier to deliver the best nature has to give for proven and visible results to skin.

Premier products are all ozone-friendly, are packaged in recyclable materials and are never tested on animals.Every quality batch undergoes vigorous testing at an independent scientific cosmetic laboratory.

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About Premier International

Established in 1990, the Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories was founded by a group of dermatology and cosmetics experts, each with years of knowledge and experience in the unique properties of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratory is a dominant manufacturer of high quality Dead Sea cosmetic products. Recognized around the world, our patented products are the recipients of many renowned awards for their innovation and effectiveness.


Premier is truly an international company with sales in Canada, United States,Australia, New Zeland, UK, South Africa, Argentina, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Singapore, Finland, Chile, Panama, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Peru,  Portugal, Montenegro, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Botswana, Russia, Norway, India and more.

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The secret Of The Mineral Bar

Our mineral bar offers you multiple functions:

1. Cleansing of the skin
2. Preparation


The secret Of The Mineral Bar

Our mineral bar offers you multiple functions:

1. Cleansing of the skin
2. Preparation of the skin to receive the cream or serum
3. Deployment



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