The Dead Sea

A Natural Wonder

The therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea have been known for thousands of years and have attracted the interest of visitors and scientists from all over. This amazing wonder was formed at the lowest point of the earth, and is the deepest hypersaline lakes in the world. Dating back to the biblical times, the Dead Lake was one of the world's first health resorts. Rich in minerals, this restorative sea in the middle of the African Fault is acclaimed worldwide as a natural phenomenon and has become a prime study for the skincare industry. With the high content of salt, minerals, and other natural elements, the therapeutic and healing powers that have been known for centuries have been harnessed into a modern day wonder that has the ability to aid in the healing of acne and psoriasis, hydrate skin, reduce inflammation and diminish the appearance of the depth of wrinkles. The Premier Dead Sea laboratories have capitalized this natural source and integrated it into their luxury line of products to create the highest performance skincare line. Relying on the composition of this "sea of salts," the researchers at Premier have incorporated advanced scientific studies to enhance the benefits to skin. For ages, millions have sought out the Dead Sea region to experience its rejuvenating, healing and beatifying powers. Today these benefits are brought to your doorstep due to the dedication and care of Premier.                                                                                                 



Unique Therapy

In comparison to the mere 3% composition of salt that comprises ordinary sea water, the water of the Dead Sea contains an extraordinary 32% salt density, with a rather high concentration of minerals such as  potassium, bromide, magnesium and calcium. The acclaimed skin nourishing benefits, easing of rheumatic discomfort, relaxation of the nerves, and even the activation of the circulatory system are all received through the exposure to the Dead Sea. An endorsement of the European health funds enable members to be treated for chronic skin and rheumatic conditions at the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a mass of 1.240 kg/L, which enables swimmers an experience similar to that of floating. The benefits of this experience is a relaxed environment that permits easier movement which improves the effects of physiotherapy. 


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Black Dead Sea Mud

The black mud derived from the Dead Sea is a homogeneous mixture of minerals and organic elements from the shoreline of the Dead Sea. When the thermopexic properties of this medicinal mud is used, it works to improve blood circulation in the afflicted areas of varying joint diseases. This healing blend is also beneficial when it comes to softening and cleansing the skin.


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